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Unloading Equipment

Silo Extractor (RS)

The components of the Silo Discharge Machine are: silo bottom, internal cone, discharge arm and drive, and are integrally mounted in the silo or bin. The Silo Bottom has a central discharge opening, which is covered by the internal cone, with a gap in the floor.

During the filling of the silo, a natural angle of repose is formed under the internal cone sealing the discharge opening. The specially designed discharge arm, which rotates around the central vertical axis, conveys the bulk material on the silo bottom into the discharge opening.

Controlled discharge of the bulk material is therefore accomplished by varying the speed of the drive. The discharge arm undercuts the silo wall eliminating any material buildup on the wall edges.

Large Silo Dischargers (RSE Rotary Silo Extractor)

From a circular bulk material, column bulk material is conveyed via the discharge wheel under the conical roof to the discharge outlet. From here, material is transported by means of conveyors or road/rail vehicles.

The rotational motion of the discharge wheel not only extracts but also activates the bulk material. An undercutting section is incorporated at the base of the unit to ensure material build-up cannot occur on the silo walls.

A rotation platform supports the discharge wheel gearbox and associated drive system and also provides access for maintenance purposes. The complete machine is housed within the conical roof, which is connected to the silo walls by means of support arms.

These supports are constructed in such a manner that enables maintenance personnel to gain access to the machine and can also be used for routing site services, such as electric power/control cables, etc., to the machine.

Truck & Rail-Car Unloading Design

Our designs are according to material characteristics, rate per hour and conveying distance in order to provide an efficient system, ACT design and supply car dumpers, indexers for positioning of the wagons, grippers to hold the wagons, receiving hoppers, volumetric and vibratory feeders, belt or pneumatic conveyors, dust collection system and start-up services.

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unloading equipment

Serving these Industries: Cement, Chemical, Steel Making Plants, Power Plants, Pulp and Paper, Mining and Environmental.

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