Rotary Plow Reclaiming (BD Bunker Discharge Machine)

The Bunker Discharge Machine travels automatically and is self-propelled through a discharge tunnel. The correct design of the tunnel and hopper guarantee feeding the discharge wheel with bulk material.

The bulk material is going to be dragged by the rotation of the discharge wheel and discharged via the bunker shelf onto the gathering conveyor. The special shape of the discharge arm results in dispensing the bulk material.

The bunker discharge machines are available in different designs, according to the application, bulk material's nature and size of the system, such as: Block-Bunker, Low Profile-Bunker, Portal-Bunker. Special designs are possible when required: Discharge Wheel Lock, Table Feeder, and Bin Activator

Portal Reclaiming

We supply solutions for reclaiming systems for indoor or outdoor operations. The portal-reclaim system moves along the and material reclaimed is loaded onto a overland conveyor alongside the pile.